Large Bait Board

Size 28″ x 16.8″ | Mounting hardware included

Strong Rib Core design provides a rigid and stable surface. Mounts are adjustable to suit various mounting widths.
One piece moulded Polypropylene table, superior against UV deterioration and knife cuts. Easily removed for cleaning or storage.


  • Nylon rail mount fittings anodized aluminum connection tubes,Stainless Steel fasteners.
  • UV Stabilized, Extremely tough Polypropylene table
  • 3 separate compartments at top of board, to hold knife, tackle, lures
    Bottom compartment designed to catch run off fish guts, blood etc
  • Adjustable rod mounts
  • Dual mounts for greater stability
  • Adjustable mounting widths

Sizes & Measurements

Size Description
28″ x 16.8″ Bait board small rod holder mount
28″ x 16.8″ Bait board small rail mount (Suits 1” Rails)


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